×IMPORTANT NOTICE: By using Google Maps, you consent to the collection and use of your GPS location data and unique device identifiers, by Google, according to Google's privacy policy.
We are not an emergency monitoring or notification service. If you witness or become aware of an emergency or dangerous situation, you are encouraged to take any legal and reasonable steps to notify the appropriate authorities, at your discretion.
BusyCop Dashcam users can elect not to broadcast their speed by changing the app options.
Orders & Accounting

Your subscriptions apply to whichever devices are associated with your InstantDashcam.com account. You associate a device with your account by logging in, via the app, from that device.

Note that a subscription may only be cancelled by the Google account that purchased it (subscriptions are purchased using Google Play).

Acceptable Content
It was probably in violation of policy. Please see our Content Policy and our Terms and Conditions.
You may read our privacy policy here.
Unfortunately, most smartphones simply don't allow applications to do this. One day, when hardware improves, it may become possible.
It is best to uninstall the app from your device; that way, the new owner of the phone can't claim ownership of, or modify, your Content. At the very least, If you are logged in to the app, log out. Make sure "Save Password" is unchecked.
Instant Dashcam will not appear on your in-car display. However, it is possible to get Instant Dashcam to run over top of Android Auto on your phone screen, by delaying recording start until after Android Auto initializes. One way to do this is to configure "Delay Recording" for 20 seconds or longer.