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Instant Dashcam for Android™

Record Your Commute.

Share the Surprises.

You use your smartphone for everything. Why not use it as a dashcam?
Easily share your drive with your friends, family, and co-workers.
You can also keep an eye on your car, remotely!
View live streams, via your browser or mobile device.

Record your entire drive. Detect interesting events.

Defend your drive with Instant Dashcam

Driving Events

Detect swerves, braking, and crashes. Events can upload videos to InstantDashcam.com

Adjustable Videos

Easily adjust the start & length of each uploaded video (after you get to your destination, of course!)

Where, What, When, & How Fast

Videos include your location, direction of travel, and speed (optional).

Instant Dashcam for Android

Hands-Free Capable

A single voice command can be used to create & upload a short clip. No interaction necessary!

Battery Saver Technology

Use our power-saving features to help increase your battery lifetime (if you don't have a car charger).

Powerful Recording

Record video, audio, time-lapse video, GPS location, and more -- for hours on end. Loop recording means you never have to manually free up space.

Analyze Your Driving Skill

Our analytics make it easy for you to measure your driving performance




Hard Braking


Sudden Accelerations



Manage Your Fleet

Responsbile for multiple delivery vehicles? Keep an eye on them all!

The "Live Map" shows the most recent position for each active device on your Friends list.

View Heatmaps

Live Streams

Recent Uploads

Highlights from recently submitted Public Videos

Instant Dashcam News

The latest updates on our products & services

Instant Dashcam

Start "defending your drive" today, with our Android™ app!

Basic usage is free. User accounts are optional.

The app includes an interactive tutorial, with a walk-through of the most important features.